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NDHF gives you control and resources to take charge of how and where you get to live.

The introduction of the NDIS is undoubtedly a ground up rebuild of the way disability services are offered in Australia. A large part of the NDIS is new funding for accommodation. As the NDIS has been rolled out and now that it’s set in stone as legislation, we can see how the accommodation aspect of the scheme will be applied.

Contrary to initial hopes of families all across the country, accommodation allowances under the NDIS, known as Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) are very likely only to be paid to people with very high level disabilities. This has been disappointing for thousands of people nationally who, while in need of specialist accommodation, will not qualify for an SDA. For others however, it has now given hope where previously there was none. It is in this area NDHF operates, connecting individuals, families, care organisations and developers to provide accommodation solutions for those who now qualify for an SDA.

NDHF are not a care providers, we offer no support services. Nor are we builders, we do not build homes. When you connect with NDHF we’ll take the time to get to know you and the specific disability you or your loved one has and the kind of accommodation you need. From there we take the necessary steps to connect you with suitable developers and accommodation providers in your area. These developers and accommodation providers then work with you to create the kind of home that will make a massive difference in the lives of the people who live there.

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Answer 3 easy questions and fill our your details.

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We will direct your request to the best person to guide you.

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Receive a call from a developer or accommodation provider in your area.